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Gem Series X Sttoke - The Ultimate Experience

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The Idea

The Idea came from Stefanos Domatiotis, World Brewers Cup Champion, a top class trainer and a passionate coffee lover. 

Stephanos noticed that despite the fact that people were using great coffee beans, top class water, had amazing skills, enthusiasm and even some great devices, the result was a bit inconsistent. 

Changing the brewing game 

 ✅ The Lid with the hole 

The lid is the fundamental element as it gives coffee makes total control over pouring. The hole also works as protection layer enabling a stable water flow, and minimizing the risk of turbulence.

✅ Innovative Ribs

The only dripper with two different sets of ribs, horizontal and vertical to impact water flow. 

✅  The Diamond Shape 

A symbol of perfection and illumination. It stimulates creativity, imagination and ingenuity, opening the mind to the new and possible

The dripper geometry affects the manner in which the liquid flows through the bed of coffee grounds, and thus alters the extraction. 

GEM Series dripper, comes with an innovative diamond shape with two holes, one in the lid and a medium opening in the bottom, that has a different flow pattern to enhance water flow through the coffee grounds, increasing uniformity of extraction and affecting the taste.

Appearance and color of a product are the first attributes that consumers perceive; a halo effect leading to modifications in flavour recognition, overall sensory experience, and acceptability of the product. What better idea than the shape of a diamond then? 

The 2 came together as purist believing in delivering consistency. STTOKE's journey began wanting to maintain the efforts from farmers to baristas through it's vessel, while The Gem Series aim was to deliver the best sensory experience via it's extraction tool.
The 2 clicked when the founders started talking about why were we doing what we did with ceramic, and it was simple - temperature and ceramic properties.

Together, we can now deliver the ultimate experience, keeping temperature and delivery consistent from extraction to tongue.