Drip Coffee Series EP 7 - Brewing Nicaraguan Coffee

Drip Coffee Series EP 7 - Brewing Nicaraguan Coffee



Origin: Nicaragua
Grower: Jose Elias Contreras
Founder: The Mierisch Family
Varietal: Pacamara
Process: Natural
Region: Jinotega
Farm: Finca La Escandida
Altitude: 975m - 1230m a.s.l.

Located not far from Lake Apanas, Finca La Escondida is very near the city of Jinotega in Nicaragua. The name Escondida means “hidden” in Spanish. It is literally named after the fact that this farm is hidden from the road and not in plain-sight.

This works very closely with the Lipululo community, run by Jose Elias Contreras, the farm manager. Owned by the Mierisch family, Finca La Escondida can be considered as a young farm as they planted their first coffee on Nicaraguan soil in 2006.

What’s perfect is that because Finca La Escondida is fairly young and new, they get the upperhand of planning ahead. So, the layout is designed using plots with different microclimates which makes significant difference to the end cup. These major factors include temperature range, soil fertility and sun exposure.

This particular coffee has a nice taste balance. It is light to medium bodied, sweet caramel notes with a hint of sparkly acidity, specifically green apple, groundnuts, dark fruits with a soothing cacao nib lingering finish.

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