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Welcome to Sttoke - https://sttoke.com/. Please take the time to read the following terms and conditions as you use Sttoke's service. Sttoke reserves the right to change, modify, suspend or discontinue all or any part of this Site or the services at any time without any notice and this applies to all visitors and all users. By using our website, you agree to such terms and conditions, as well as these Terms and our Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms, write to us at hello@sttoke.com.



Your privacy is very important to us at Sttoke. To better protect your rights we have provided the Sttoke “Privacy Policy” to explain our privacy practices in detail. Please review the Privacy Policy to understand how Sttoke collects and uses the information associated with your Account and/or your use of the Services (the “User Information”).



All payments are made on this Site through PayPal/Credit Card. We do not store the personal information of your account/ credit card and we do not share your information with any third parties. 

All prices and other charges are payable in U.S dollars. You are solely responsible for the timely payment of all fees. When a payment is initiated, you will be required to submit your billing name, email address, contact number, shipping address, and credit card information. You may provide additional information to verify your payment. If you use a third-party payment processor to complete your purchase, the terms and restrictions of that processor apply to your payment transaction.



“User Content” means any images, graphics, videos, text, materials or contents that are posted and generated by you on Sttoke's social platforms. 

You hereby grant Sttoke to use, copy, modify your Content user to publicly display, distribute to Sttoke's social platform. You acknowledge that Sttoke is under no obligation to use any of the rights provided in these Terms and that we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any User Content you submit or upload.



The following claims may be requested by any user who has made a purchase from Sttoke International website (https://sttoke.com) or Sttoke Australia website (https://sttoke.com.au).

(a) Our 30-Day Guarantee

Within 30 days after using the item(s), following the delivery date of your tracking link and if you are not 100% satisfied with the functionality (see below), a refund can be requested (exclude processing fee), or where possible Sttoke will send a replacement item.

Sttoke will, at its option, upon request with sufficient proof (pictures/video) either refund to applicable invoice or replace the defective item(s). The replacement item will be of the same or similar range of products. Proof of purchase/ receipt is required for all claims.

Special conditions to request a refund:

(a) If the colour of the cup you received varies from Sttoke International website, https://sttoke.com/ & Sttoke Australia website https://sttoke.com.au/

(b) Item(s) received with functionality issues, you are eligible for either a refund or replacement item.

    • Insulation problem (The cup loses its ability to keep hot/cold as per Sttoke product disclaimer)
    • Airflow issues with spillproof lid
    • Loose rubber base
    • Leakproof lid leaks

Claims not covered

Sttoke reserves the right to refuse any refunds in the event of these situations:

(a) Bought the wrong item due to misreading/ misunderstanding information

(b) Daily use and normal wear & tear such as paint finishes, dent(s) on the cup, broken/cracked lid from the incident of drops

(c) Minor damage to the packaging box upon delivery

(d) Failure to follow the instructions provided in the packaging (Dishwashing, microwave etc.) 

Reach out to hello@sttoke.com to proceed with the refund. Proof of purchase is required.

(b) 2 years of warranties

Sttoke cares about its users and stands behind every product it sells. While Sttoke cannot guarantee that the item(s) do not wear out, however, it does guarantee a free replacement item for any manufacturing defects (2 years after the purchase date & proof of purchase required). 

Please keep in mind that, we do not cover:

(a) The manufacturer's warranty does not imply that the user can mistreat Sttoke item(s) and expect Sttoke to replace it without any costs/charges.

(b) Daily use & normal wear and tears such as paint finishes, dent(s) on the cup, and damaged lid from the incident of drops, or not following the care instructions provided within the packaging (Dishwashing, microwave etc.) are not claimable under the Sttoke warranty programme.

(c) Sttoke has no control over the movement of the parcel once an order is dispatched, thus minor damage to the packaging box upon delivery is not claimable. Please know that Sttoke has taken every precaution to safeguard your package. If the damage is significant, please send an email to hello@sttoke.com.

(d) Sttoke reserves the right to request images of defective item validation if deemed appropriate for certain requests.

(e) Any defects caused by third-party post-manufacturing material modification (such as post-purchase engraving, monogramming, etc.).

STTOKE will review all cases. In the event that STTOKE deems that a replacement is necessary, Sttoke will replace the same or similar range of products.

If the item(s) were bought from a third-party seller (retailer/reseller/distributor), we recommend you deal with the third-party seller to get a warranty replacement by presenting the proof of purchase.

(b) 2-year extended warranty

Sttoke offers a 2-year extended warranty for all Sttoke users who make direct purchases through the official Sttoke website (https://sttoke.com) and (https://sttoke.com.au).

For details on what is included in the Sttoke warranty coverage, please refer to the previous section on the 2-year warranties.

This extended warranty can be purchased for any newly bought single item or for a previously purchased item within the standard warranty timeframe. If users choose to obtain coverage for a previously bought item, it should be recognized that the extended coverage is applicable solely to that specific item in an order (from the date of purchase) and does not extend to other products or purchases. Consequently, the same extended coverage will no longer remain valid. Hence, one extended warranty is applicable for a single item only and for single usage.

Please note that the Sttoke 2-year extended warranty is NOT APPLICABLE in the following circumstances:

  • Purchases made from third-party sellers, including retailers, resellers, or distributors
  • Incidents of wear and tear that may occur during the use of the product
  • Attempts to purchase coverage for items that have exceeded the 2 years of manufacturer's warranty
STTOKE reserves the right to reject claims that do not follow the specified terms and conditions above.

Sttoke values customer satisfaction and encourages users to reach out to them at hello@sttoke.com for any required assistance.




Cancellation orders are only allowed by Sttoke with acceptable and valid reasons and reasons for the cancellation is requested. Cancellation requests need to be submitted within six (6) hours after an order has been placed. Any cancellation after six (6) hours will not be entertained as the order has been processed and is ready to ship out. Orders cannot be redirected once they are dispatched.


In the event of any approved cancellation, users will receive a full refund minus a small payment processing fee.

Sttoke reserve the right to refuse cancellation for reason including, but not limited to:

(a) Change of mind once an order has been ready to ship out/ dispatched

(b) Daily use/normal wear and tears after 2-3 months of usage

(c) Misreading/ misunderstanding information by the user

(d) Long delivery due to customs inspections in the destination country



We apologise as we are unable to offer return or exchange services at this time.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause.

Please reach out if there's anything else we can do to assist you.

Get In Touch with Us



STTOKE offers complimentary personalisation to some Australian customers, limited to the Australian market only for a certain period of time.

Please keep the following in mind for personalised orders:

  1. Six (6) hours of cancellation policy does not apply for personalized orders, you are advised to double-check personalisation [name] and shipping details before placing your order.
  2. Personalising is available for up to 7 characters.
  3. Complimentary personalising is limited to one order per customer
  4. If you order additional item(s) in addition to the personalised cup, the order will be shipped together.
  5. Delivery time is estimated to be 15-20 days for personalised orders. (Might take extra time in peak seasons)
  6. The final size of the personalised name on the cup may differ from the mock-up shown on the personalisation order page.
  7. There are no return or exchange services available.

STTOKE reserves the right to cancel personalisation [names] that are vulgar or indecent and do not comply with terms and conditions.

Please reach out to hello@sttoke.com if you need any assistance.



Changes in the shipping address: Changes to shipping addresses made after an order has been placed are subject to additional charges which will be borne by the user.

Lost parcel during transit: Sttoke will compensate for missing parcels during transit (which must be verified & certified by the Sttoke logistic team) with a new set of products or, if applicable, a refund.

Loss or stolen parcel: Sttoke is not responsible for any loss or stolen parcel after being delivered to the users’ requested shipping address.

Damaged parcel box upon arrival: Once an order has been dispatched, Sttoke has no control over the user's parcel, and any damages to the box upon delivery will not be reimbursed.

Delay in delivery: Sttoke is not liable for any delays caused by the destination's customs inspection.

Tracking shows delivered, product not received: For orders that are marked as “Delivered” and if the user has not received the parcel, kindly wait for three (3) business days. Reach out to Sttoke at hello@sttoke.com if you do not receive the parcel after 3 business days. Additionally, kindly view the carrier website for any potential service delays in your area that could be affecting your shipment (hurricanes, fires, floods, snow, etc). 

Extra added service: Users must bear the expense of express delivery when making a request.

Dishwasher safe disclaimer [Powder coating cups only]: Only Sttoke cups made with powder coating technology are safe to be washed in a dishwasher, as they are designed to be scratch-proof. Please be advised that other non-powder coating cups must be handwashed to avoid damage to the coating. Sttoke do not offer warranty coverage or be held responsible for any damages resulting from washing non-powder coating cups in a dishwasher.



Sttoke's purpose is to provide a greater user experience, thus in the event of any dispute between Sttoke and users, both parties will be resolved in a timely and good-faith manner.

If Sttoke is unable to resolve any issues within a reasonable amount of time [not to exceed thirty (30) days], the user can request mediation and if the mediation cannot be addressed through mediation, the parties are free to pursue any legal claim or remedy that may be available to them.



Complimentary personalisation offer is not applicable for bulk custom orders. If the bulk custom order is more than 24 cups, please write to sales@sttoke.com and a STTOKE representative will get in touch with you.


*Last Revised: 5th April 2023