Drip Coffee Series EP 9 - The Gem Series Dripper

Drip Coffee Series EP 9 - The Gem Series Dripper


The GEM Series Dripper.

This diamond-shaped brewer, the GEM Series Dripper is the end product of a collective effort between the Brewista team and World Brewers Cup champion, Stefanos Domatiotis.

The GEM Series Dripper is made out of 2 parts - the lid and the ribs.

The lid brings out more consistency with longer contact time of water to coffee and even water distribution. The lid acts as an extra protection layer and the hole enables a better water flow towards the center for consistency.

The ribs: There are 2 sets of drainage ribs or grooves. The horizontal groove helps control flow rate consistently and the vertical ones enable water to exit faster preventing over-extraction.

The GEM Series Dripper is a great brewer that promotes consistent flavourful brews that also creates a more immersive coffee experience.

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