Sttoke: A Sleek Reusable Cup With a Shatterproof Design

Sttoke: A Sleek Reusable Cup With a Shatterproof Design


Takeaway coffee is a disaster. While most people believe they’re recyclable, the thin polyethylene film on the inside of most cups means they go straight to landfill. And, globally, that pile of paper and plastic grows by the billions every year. But, thanks to the efforts of shows such as the ABC’s War on Waste, we’re starting to get wise to single-use cups. A case in point is Sttoke, a new reusable, lightweight and entirely shatterproof coffee cup that launches in Melbourne tomorrow.

“It’s horrendous – the waste level with paper cups,” Sttoke distributor Antony de Fina tells Broadsheet. “So it’s a matter of changing people’s mindsets.”

One criticism de Fina aims at some of the current reusables on the market is that many are themselves made from plastic, which he believes has perceptible flavour.

“Other brands … have a plastic cup, so you tend to get a bit of an aftertaste or a slightly different taste, or taint to the coffee.”

De Fina has been involved in the coffee industry for 12 years, importing espresso machines, barista accessories and parts from Italy to Australia. He explains that although reusable glass cups provide a pure taste, they don’t insulate your beverage particularly well and are very fragile. Sttoke distinguishes itself from other reusable portable vessels with a dual stainless-steel wall on the outside, and a ceramic centre within.

“Ours is shatterproof on the outside but still gives that neutral taste from the ceramic lining,” says de Fina. “It means that the coffee will taste exactly as it would if it was coming out of a ceramic dining cup.”

The double-wall insulation keeps the liquid warm for up to three hours; it also includes a spill-proof lid. Sttoke cups are 11.4 centimetres tall and weigh just 183 grams. While they’re eminently practical, they’re also elegantly designed, with a sleek, seamless silhouette.

As a city that prides itself on its coffee scene, Melbourne will host the Australian online launch on Tuesday night. For a week beginning on Monday April 30, retail customers will receive vouchers for three cups of coffee upon the purchase of their brand new Sttoke cup, retailing from five selected Melbourne venues including Plantation, Sensory Lab, Slater Street Bench Peace Love Espresso and Cottle Coffee.

A full list of retailers will become available in the coming week for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Sttoke cups are $39 and will be available online from May.

Source: Broadsheet

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