Drip Coffee Series EP 11 - Types of Pouring Techniques

Drip Coffee Series EP 11 - Types of Pouring Techniques


Types of Pouring Techniques

As hand-brewed coffees are gathering more fans, more and more new pouring techniques and styles have emerged to fit various brewing methods.

Here are some different pouring techniques or styles we have tried to see how different is it from one another in terms of taste:

1) Circle Pour
2) Shading Pour
3) Flower Pour

These 3 various pours produce very different brewing outcomes and it is amazing that despite using the same recipe, the coffee brewed is different in terms of body, texture and flavours.

Circle Pour
• Coffee taste balanced, medium-bodied, pleasant lingering after taste

Shading Pour
• Coffee tastes slightly over-extracted, with a stronger bitter taste with a bit of a dry finish

Flower Pour
• Coffee taste slightly weak in terms of intensity, light to medium bodied with a clean finish

How do you brew your coffee at home? Let us know what you guys think of the different brewing styles.

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