Drip Coffee Series EP 12 - Brewing Brazilian Coffee

Drip Coffee Series EP 12 - Brewing Brazilian Coffee


Brewing Brazilian Coffee

Founder and farmer: Ronaldo Donizete
Varietal: Mundo Novo
Process: Natural
Region: Ribeirao Santo Antonio
Origin: Brazil
Farm: Sitio
Altitude: 1,170 m.a.s.l.

The beautiful Sitio farm is owned and run by Ronaldo Donizete together with his family of 4. This farm is located in Ribeirao do Santo Antonio, a small town with just over a thousand inhabitants. The majority of producers within the area are small producers and only a handful dedicate themselves to producing high-quality coffees.

Ronaldo together with his wife, Janaina, his daughter, Sheila, and his son, Otavio makes up a very robust team producing an average of 120-130 bags of coffee per year. The 60-year-old plantation is just 5 minutes away from their house and with a larger spacing line between coffee trees, it is perfect for the Mundo Novos to be grown there due to its larger structure than others.

The Mundo Novo varietal is a result of a natural cross between the Bourbon and Typica varieties. It is tall in structure and produces a high yield every year but requires extra care because it is very susceptible to diseases.

This coffee exudes complexities that would strike the hearts of many. Medium bodied with syrupy texture, red berry hints, dark chocolate, malt and tobacco with a pleasant lingering after-taste.

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